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COVID NYC Update: DIY Dog Grooming During Pandemic Inspires New Book

NEW YORK – Drastic times called for drastic action this spring when dog owners took over grooming during the shutdown.

However, the DIY grooming skills of dog owners made it possible to create some pretty fascinating before-and-after photos – which inspired one woman to create a new book.

“Scruffy: Our Loyal Pandemic Doggies and the Good, the Bad, and Crazy Haircuts We’ve Gave Them” is a lightweight new book by Shelley Ross.

It features a wacky gallery of before and after photos when many grooming stores closed this year.

Mutts are spreading across the globe. Ross came up with the idea in mid-March while she was staying at her home on the Upper West Side.

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“It was a one-man band, who sent in photos, stalked dogs, waited for the photos to come back from Hong Kong, Australia,” Ross said.

One hundred percent of the book’s profits go to FDA-cleared COVID research for the sickest patients.

The book also reflects the number of people who came through this unprecedented time with the help of their furry friends.

“It was a real metaphor for our courage, our resilience and our hope,” Ross said.

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