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COVID-19: Pet boarding schools in Chennai step in to take care of animals


With the number of cases on the rise in the city, animal lovers and pet boarding schools are now stepping in to ensure that pets are not overlooked during this crisis.

What happens to pets when a family tests positive for COVID-19?

With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise in the city, animal lovers and pet boarding schools are now stepping in to ensure pets are not overlooked during this crisis.

Keerthi Priyadarshani, who runs Dog House, a pet boarding house in Chennai, said parents of pets should be prepared in case a scenario arises where the family is positive for COVID-19. “If the family thinks she is at risk of contracting COVID-19 or is going to be tested, they should contact a trusted friend or relative and leave the dog with her instead of waiting for her to test positive and not knowing what. do when they are hospitalized, ”she said.

Dog House offers crisis boarding for pets coming from homes where the family has tested positive for COVID-19, provided that a healthy relative or friend has given the dog a bath. “The friend or parent who welcomes the animal should bathe the dog and get rid of the collar or leash that has been used. We can then collect the animals and take them with us until the family recovers.

Pet boarding schools in the city are generally sought after by parents of city animals when they are traveling or away from their homes and need to house their pets in a safe place. Depending on their size and the number of animals they can accommodate, these establishments have trainers and doctors on call.

Shravan Krishnan, co-founder, Hotel for Dogs, said a few weeks ago a family contacted them after two deaths from COVID-19. “They wanted us to take their pet, the Labrador, and he went on board with us for a few weeks. The dog is now back in the family, ”he said.

While families do manage to contact boarding schools or friends ready to welcome the dogs, this does not happen every time. Mr Shravan recalled another case where a Great Dane was left at home after all family members tested positive. “The animal was left in the care of their neighbors, but being an aggressive animal, the neighbors couldn’t handle it. The dog also had a paw wound which became infected without proper care, ”he said. The animal was then taken to the Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary where it was treated and is currently housed.

Mr Shravan and his team are ready to collect pets from homes and have strict safety protocols in place, including wearing all necessary safety gear, he said.

“With the increase in cases, Chennai Society and the Ministry of Health may also contact pet boarding houses or animal welfare organizations in case a family is suddenly hospitalized. Pets are not carriers and should not be overlooked or left on their own, ”he said.