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Beneficiaries of Dalit Bandhu join innovative scheme to provide dog grooming services in Hyderabad

Published: updated on – 2:11 p.m., Wed – 27 Jul 22

Beneficiaries of Dalit Bandhu join innovative scheme to provide dog grooming services in Hyderabad

Sangareddy: In a bid to provide continued income to Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries from Andole Assembly constituency, MP Chanti Kranthi Kiran has lent his support to Hyderabad-based Dog.
Organization [email protected] Dog [email protected] Step services were offered by Veterinarian Doctor Muralidhar.

According to an agreement with the nine Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries of Vatpally and Tekmal Mandals of Andole constituency, these Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries purchased Maruti Suzuki
Eeco Cars which, after making some changes, will be used to provide a pet dog grooming service
@No door in Hyderabad.

Dr. Muralidhar said each Dalit Bandhu beneficiary will receive between Rs 30,000 and
40,000 rupees per month. He further stated that those willing to drive the vehicle would receive an additional salary of Rs 15,000. The nine grantees will work with Dr. Muralidhar for five years from today, as per the agreement. Three of the nine beneficiaries agreed to work as drivers while the others decided to continue to stay in their respective villages. The cost of each unit was around Rs 9.5 lakhs

Finance Minister T Harish Rao, who launched the services on Tuesday in Gachibowli, appreciated the MP for coming up with such an innovative proposal to support Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries in his constituency. The Minister said that with the regular income, the nine families will definitely live a better life from today.

While the many beneficiaries throughout the constituency have opted for traditional means of earning a living such as the creation of a dairy, a poultry farm, the purchase of a tractor, a harvester or earthwork
by investing Rs 10 lakhs donated by the Telangana government under Dalit Bandhu, these nine beneficiaries decided to go in a different direction following the advice of Kranthi Kiran.

Dr. Muralidhar said he will expand the services to other towns in Telangana by signing an agreement with Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries from different Assembly constituencies. Speaking to Telangana Today, Andole MLA Kranthi Kiran said they are working to find out some
constant source of income for Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries.

As Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao is going to grant funds to 1,500 additional beneficiaries for the current financial year, he said they have taken it up as a challenge to provide the best
income-generating investment options for them.

Thanking the Chief Minister for coming up with such a wonderful program, Kranthi Kiran said that Dalit Bandhu will lift Dalits out of seven decades of financial backwardness. Vice President of Dalit
Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI) South India Rahul Kiran and others were present.

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