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BBC changes title of documentary on dog breeding following backlash, online petitions

The BBC has pledged to change the working title of its upcoming documentary on dog breeding, following backlash and an online petition.

The program, which was titled “Will My Puppies Make Me Rich?” is set to follow young dog breeders in the north of England “as they set out to build reputable businesses during the lockdown”.

The BBC explained that it was changing the show’s working title (Credit: Unsplash)

But the next show was slammed, with one in line petition to prevent its production from reaching more than 168,000 signatures since its announcement.

“The show says it emphasizes“ puppies for life and not just for lockdown. ”Unfortunately, there are people who will look at this show as a“ how-to ”guide to buying dogs only in the aim to reproduce and earn money, “the petition reads.

“Dogs used for breeding often lead miserable lives, locked in cages from breeding until death. Puppies also often end up dying from poor breeding.

“… There are thousands of dogs in shelters that need homes, we don’t need a program that promotes the breeding and sale of puppies like a get-rich-quick program or a career. I’m not suggesting that the people involved in this show are neglecting their … animals, but they are promoting an animal welfare pandemic. “

Meanwhile, the RSPCA also expressed concerns, explaining that it had written to the BBC urging them to rethink the document.

A statement said: “We are aware of this program and fear that it is extremely irresponsible to encourage and glorify animal husbandry as a ‘get-rich-quick’ program which, in turn, could lead to serious problems. of Dog Welfare and Feeding the Illegal Puppy Trade. “

In the aftermath, the BBC released a statement, outlining their plans to change the show’s working title to: Puppy Boom in Britain: Counting the Cost.

In a statement, the BBC explained: “A lot has been said and written online about this future program. If the BBC were to make a program on how to exploit animals for profit, then it would be a cause for concern. The reality is rather The BBC does not make such a program and never intended to do so.

“The program title is a working title. It is not uncommon for programs to have working titles during their development. As the working title allowed for some ambiguity as to what the content might be, we have now chosen the new Working Title – Britain’s Puppy Boom: Count the cost.

“We believe this title clarifies the intentions of the BBC and the programs. To further clarify, this will be a film backed by sound journalism, offering a balanced exploration of why more young people have become interested in transforming their passion for them. dogs in profession, done responsibly, as well as to understand the broader negative impacts of the increased demand for dogs.

“It won’t be a ‘how-to’ guide. It’s not about encouraging people to get into breeding. Nor is it an attempt to glamorize breeding.

“Animal welfare is of the utmost importance and this program will follow young individuals who are already responsibly breeding or in training to become accredited to highlight what constitutes best practice.”

The statement went on to explain that the BBC condemns the personal attacks on young women who launched the idea for the documentary.

“They are not dog breeders but felt the subject was worth discussing due to the increased demand for dogs in recent months,” he said.

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