Pet boarding

AVA Investigates Platinium Dogs Club Pet Boarding After Complaints of Suspected Pet Mistreatment

A pet boarding house based on a Bukit Panjang land estate was raided by authorities on Saturday (December 29th) following complaints from owners that their pets were mistreated while in the care of the establishment.

After being alerted to at least two incidents last week, the Singapore Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) provided Stomp with the following statement:

“AVA has received comments on this and is investigating the matter. “

A Stomper first alerted Stomp of a Publish by Facebook user Elaine Yong who was horrified to find wounds and abrasions on her Shih Tzu’s forelegs, testicles and penis after picking him up from the Platinium Dogs Club after a five-day stay.

“The dog looked very miserable, very uncomfortable, very dirty,” she wrote in her post.

When alerting an employee named Rachel about her pet’s injuries, Rachel simply replied that she “didn’t notice them” when she showered him before taking him back to Elaine.

According to Elaine, she then tried to call Rachel but had apparently been blocked.

Another Facebook user, Priscilla Loo opened an account of what had happened to her friend’s Chow Chow after leaving her with the same pension.

She wrote that her pet was healthy when checked in, but returned to see her sick.

“Now the dog is spending his first Christmas in pain and the family are very upset that the pension is so irresponsible,” she said.

From the photos, the Chow Chow had matted and dirty fur, a big difference from its usual honey-colored fluffy coat.

When the dog was shaved, his skin was found to be covered in rashes and severely inflamed.

The times of the straits understands that the raid on Galistan Avenue was carried out by the Singapore Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), police and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

On its website, which has since been closed, the facility was described as being fully air-conditioned daily, large and spacious, and cage-free.

Asked about the raid, Dr Jaipal Singh Gill, executive director of the SPCA, told the Straits Times on Sunday that his staff had entered the house, where the Platinium Dogs Club was running its services, on Saturday afternoon.

“Three members of the SPCA staff were present, including a veterinarian,” he said. “There were several dogs and a rabbit in the house.

Dr Gill said the SPCA had received a number of complaints about the boarding school, which raised concerns about animal welfare.

He said: “The immediate concern of the SPCA is the welfare of the animals in the home. In such cases, the SPCA takes the necessary steps to ensure the welfare of the animals. The nature of the action depends on the state of animals and their way of life. environment. “

When asked about the condition of the animals and any action the SPCA would take, Dr Gill said the SPCA was unable to provide further details as investigations are still ongoing.