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Another Norfolk raccoon tested positive for rabies


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Another raccoon tested positive for rabies in Norfolk.

According to the Norfolk Department of Health, the raccoon came into contact with dogs in the area and was recovered near the 1400 block of West Little Creek Road in the town’s Meadowbrook neighborhood on December 1.

The raccoon was sent to the Virginia Department of Consolidated Laboratory Services in Richmond to be tested and tested positive for rabies on December 2.

The dogs involved in the incident were up to date with their rabies vaccinations.

If you’ve been bitten or scratched by a raccoon in this area, contact the Norfolk Department of Public Health at 757-683-2712.

Just days before this incident, another raccoon was killed by a dog in Colonial Place in Norfolk. The raccoon also tested positive for rabies.

Rabies is a fatal disease, but it is preventable if treatment is started early and finished as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Here are the recommended precautions to reduce the risk of exposure to rabies:

  • Make sure dogs and cats are up to date with their vaccinations.
  • Keep pets confined to the house and yard.
  • Keep yards free of food that might attract wildlife.
  • Do not handle, touch or care for stray or wild animals.
  • Warn adults and children to report any animal bites or scratches.
  • Report stray or unvaccinated animals to Animal Control at 757-664-7387.
  • Report any animal or human exposure to the Norfolk Public Health Department at 757-683-2712.

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