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Animal boarding company moves to Waldoboro

Left to Right: Moose, Indy and Sadie are canine hosts at Bold Summit Pet Resort’s dog day care center in Waldoboro. (Photo courtesy of Meghan Lives)

Bold Summit Pet Resort has moved to Waldoboro, a few miles north of Highway 1, and is accepting new guests for overnight home boarding and doggy day care while it works on building a luxury facility .

“It’s been a long time coming,” Meghan Livers said.

Meghan and Michael Livers bought the property in 2019 with the intention of building a luxury pet resort to expand their existing pet care business. With the recent completion of their home on the property, they were finally able to leave the South Thomaston area and settle in Lincoln County.

According to Meghan Livers, the company’s service area is within a 20 mile radius of Waldoboro. They hope to expand further into Damariscotta and are willing to accept animals from outside their service area on a case-by-case basis.

Meghan Livers said they are in the second phase of their business plan, in which they provide services from their homes. The next step is to build a garage that can be converted to accept additional boarders, and then in phase 3 they hope to complete construction of a building with 20 large indoor-outdoor kennels and 10 cat rooms.

Meghan Livers said Phase 3 could take up to three years. Funding and construction delays caused by COVID-19 effectively stalled their more ambitious plans.

Meghan Livers said bookings dropped as the holidays were canceled. Dog-sitting and dog-walking jobs also took a nosedive as people worked remotely and were able to meet the needs of their pets on their own.

The business lost a lot of revenue, especially in the summer. They went from being very busy to having one dog Monday through Friday. “We definitely took a hit,” Meghan Livers said.

“People are just starting to get back to work,” she said. She finds that the animals are more anxious now when their people leave, less tolerant of being alone. Pets have become accustomed to having all-day access to their people.

Although the main business of the company is dogs, followed by cats, Livers are able to care for a variety of animals, such as snakes, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. “Just not tarantulas. I don’t do tarantulas, ”Meghan Livers said.

Indy, one of the resident dogs at Bold Summit <a class=Pet Resort in Waldoboro, enjoys playing outdoors. (Photo courtesy of Meghan Lives)” width=”438″ height=”585″ data-lazy-srcset=” 800w,×600.jpg 450w,×1024.jpg 768w,×800.jpg 600w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 438px) 100vw, 438px” data-lazy-src=”″ srcset=”″/>

Indy, one of the resident dogs at Bold Summit Pet Resort in Waldoboro, enjoys playing outdoors. (Photo courtesy of Meghan Livers)

Meghan and Michael Livers both grew up around animals. Meghan Livers had a number of pets as a child and her father caught snakes to collect venom as a side job.

She considered becoming a vet but didn’t want to slaughter the animals, so she started keeping animals. “It’s second nature. I honestly love him. It’s so much less stressful to be with animals, ”she said.

Michael Livers grew up in Montana, where he learned about the care of horses and cows, pigs and chickens. He currently works full time at the Pope Memorial Humane Society in Thomaston.

The couple have three dogs and two cats, all rescued. Their pets play an important role in assessing the temperament of future boarders, as their current activity is based on group interaction in their home, as opposed to separate kennel spaces.

Meghan Livers describes her typical day as opening her door to a customer so her dogs can welcome their new friend. Then a little indoor playtime is followed by a little outdoor playtime, followed by a nap, then repeat until it’s time to go.

Meghan Livers said they are doing half-day trials with new clients, ensuring there are no behavioral issues or anxiety. When their facility is built, they hope to be able to provide a more specialized approach.

They maintain care waivers on their clients’ pets so that they can provide veterinary care if it becomes necessary. They fostered an association with Dr Art Charles of Medomak Veterinary Services.

Meghan Livers said it was best if the dogs were trained in cages. She points out that her canine clients are free to run, but she likes the reassurance that a dog can be in a crate if needed.

The company doesn’t offer dog training “because there’s a really good one later,” Meghan Livers said. Although they plan to add optional grooming for their boarders, she doesn’t want to compete with the groomers in the area.

“I prefer to work with people in the community who work with animals. It’s good to have a name to give. Everyone is looking for something different in their pet care needs and there are a lot of animals out there, ”she said.

The couple look forward to the day when their luxury pension becomes reality – a home away from home for cats and dogs with comfortable accommodation and an indoor playground.

They plan to avoid traditional chain link fences, favoring the use of solid-colored plexiglass panels. “Some colors are more calming, even for dogs,” Meghan Livers said.

The couple plan to fence an acre or more so the dogs can run around. And they plan to build a network of trails for long walks on the property.

“Dogs are clumsy,” Meghan Livers said. “And I love watching cats sleep. It’s a change of life. It’s meant to be.

Bold Summit is located at 534 Reef Road in Waldoboro. For more information, email [email protected] or call 230-9342.

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