Pet boarding

Animal activists rally as Las Vegas pet boarding owner fights back

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Demanding justice after charges of “animal cruelty”. A rally was held outside the Regional Justice Center by animal rights activists on Wednesday. People are upset after several dogs died at a local pet boarding house. This business owner is expected to be sentenced on Thursday for attempted cruelty to animals.

“I want to see PawZazz shut down. This place needs to be shut down. It really is a house of horrors for animals.”

Gina Grieson of Nevada Voters for Animals doesn’t mince words about what she thinks of this East Valley pet boarding business.

Mora, a dog she had rescued, died after being boarded at PawZazz for several days in July. Several other dogs also died shortly after being taken there last year. The owner, Victor Garcia Herrera, has been charged with two counts of attempted animal cruelty and is expected to be sentenced. She and other animal rights activists are mobilizing for justice for these dogs and sent this message.

“When you are suffering from helplessness, speechlessness, whether it is children or animals, a strong message needs to be sent that it will not be tolerated in our community,” she said.

Journalist Jeremy Chen spoke with Garcia Herrera at his store. The owner denies that he or anyone working at PawZazz ever abused an animal saying they treat the animals they are responsible for caring for. He says the dogs, including Mora, had underlying health issues that his staff were unaware of. He also says his staff repeatedly informed owners of their pets’ health issues so they could get the care they needed. Grieson disputes this claim.

“There’s a reason he was charged with crimes. A lot of people came forward. A lot of people knew what was going on,” she said.

Garcia Herrera also told Chen that he and his family had faced harassing social media posts and vandalism at their business since December. He says he made a deal with the Clark County District Attorney’s Office to be sentenced because he feared for the safety of his family and feared his company’s dogs would be euthanized if taken to animal control. Grieson says the harassment and vandalism must stop, saying the justice system must run its course.

“We don’t condone or condone any threats. Everything we do goes through the courts,” she said.

Garcia Herrera is to be sentenced Thursday morning at the Regional Justice Center.