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Angels Camp pet boarder charged with animal cruelty


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ANGELS CAMP – The owner of pet grooming and boarding business Pet Bath House was arrested on several counts on Saturday, including cruelty to animals.

The dogs and their owners were among the 475 families who lost their homes in the massive Butte fire two years ago. Police said the owner was boarding his pit bulls at Pet Bath House while seeking a permanent home for them. They say he paid in advance. But then there were problems.

Vonna Hughes told the owner her dogs got into a fight and hurt herself while trying to break up. Police said Hughes never reported the incident to Calaveras County Animal Services and asked the owner to pay for the damages.

A few days later, police said, Hughes called the owner again to tell him the dogs had been shot.

Vonna Hughes (courtesy Angels Camp Police Department)

Police arrested Hughes on Saturday after she was charged with illegally killing the dogs, and the bodies of the dogs were nowhere to be found.

“She doesn’t know how to treat animals. She really doesn’t, ”Hughes’s next door neighbor David Crowe told FOX40. “I would be crushed. I feel horrible for the family who lost their dogs.

Pet Bath House averages two and a half stars on Yelp, with several accusing Hughes and his team of mistreating their animals.

Others say Hughes couldn’t do anything malicious to the animals.

“She takes very good care of my dog. I had an Australian Shepard she just looked after two days ago, ”a customer told FOX40. “She is great.”

Yet the dogs are missing. Angels Camp police allege Hughes asked someone to “take care of them”. This person was later identified by investigators as Patti Guy, 60, a neighbor and former employee of Pet Bath House. The police are currently looking for her.