Dog vaccine

A Viennese woman among the final winners of the “Do it for Baby Dog” vaccine lottery


WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va. (WTAP) – Baby Dog and a brand new truck were spotted at the Williams Visitors Center today. It was for another West Virginia covid-19 vaccine lottery winner.

“It was crazy,” said Megan Landsberg, a resident of Vienna, recounting what just happened to her.

Landsberg and his family not only got to see Governor Justice and Baby Dog at the Williamstown Rest Center, but they also won a brand new Toyota Tacoma. She is one of the big final winners of the 7th and final draw of the Do it for Baby Dog vaccine draw.

“A sheriff came to my house yesterday and said he was doing random automatic emission checks,” Landberg said with a laugh.

“He said the form was not correct and he had to go and come back and he would come back to me. He called me today and gave me some more details and told me I had to report here at this time.

When she showed up at the rest center and saw the truck, the governor of justice, and the baby dog, it all started to snap. Now Landberg says they just need to decide what to do next.

“We definitely need another car, but we’re going to have to look at all of our options and see what’s out there and what’s best for our family, but yeah, that’s a really really big thing.”

There were several other winners in Wood County who received trucks and money from this lottery. Today was the last day of the lottery and Justice says it was a big success.

“It’s been really good,” Justice said, patting Baby Dog.

“We have vaccinated over 180,000 more people and that’s it. It is essential.

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