Dog vaccine

A man arrives to vaccinate dogs, and what happened next will surprise you…

Korba: In Korba, Chhattisgarh, a villager went to the vaccination center to get his pet dogs vaccinated against corona. Started appealing to health workers to get their dog vaccinated. The medical staff were also shocked to hear it. He advised the man. But this thing went to his dismay and he got into a fight with the health workers. The case escalated to such an extent that healthcare workers had to go on strike to demand protection. Now the incident has reached the police.

In fact, this shocking incident was highlighted in Ajgarbahar, Vananchal village of Korba district. Vaccination work was ongoing in the health center operated here. For this reason, Ramayan Singh, who lives in a nearby village, reached the vaccination center. With him he also had 3 pet dogs. Health workers at the center believed that Ramayan Singh had arrived for the vaccine. But everyone was amazed to hear his words.

Ramayan Singh appealed to vaccinate his three dogs. Hearing this, the head of the center tried to convince him. He disagreed. Ramayan Singh started arguing with him. The feud escalated so much that he got into a fight abusing the lab technician at the center. The drama continued in the health center for about 30 minutes. Staff on site captured all of Ramayan Singh’s actions on his mobile camera. Angered by this act of the villager, the medical staff sat on a dharna outside the center to demand their safety. A complaint was lodged at the Balko police station. It is said that Ramayan Singh was under the influence of alcohol. He had reached the center with his staggering dogs. He started arguing with the lab tech over a minor issue. While health workers were also present. Irrespective of this, Ramayan Singh gets into a fight abusing. The female staff also tried hard to convince him. but in vain. Employees working in the health department in rural areas are now asking for protection.

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