Dog breeding

How to Spot the Signs of an Unethical Dog Breeding “Puppy Farm”

The growing demand for dogs in the UK has caused a darker side effect, namely the growth of unregistered puppy farms or ‘backyard’ breeders which can have heart-wrenching repercussions for future owners. Since late 2019, the UK’s dog population has grown by almost 50%, from 9.5 million dogs to 12.5 million according to a survey […]

Pet boarding

2021 Pet Boarding Market Facts, Developments, Growth,

Facts About the Pet Boarding Market 2021 (US, OR Portland): The Global “Animal Boarding Market” is a point-to-point assessment of the pet boarding market. Furthermore, the report uses a scientific triangulation strategy to assess market statistics, Pet Boarding market data, with a basic and hierarchical methodology. The number of factors is studied on a comparative […]

Pet boarding

Global Pet Boarding Market Latest Research, Industry Analysis, Driver, Trends, Company Overview, Key Value, Demand and Forecast 2021-2026

Latest 2019 report on “Pet Boarding Market Size | Industry Segment by Applications (Home boarding, animal house boarding and others), by type (Services and materials), Regional Outlook, Market Demand, Latest Trends, Industry Share and Revenue by Manufacturers, Company Profiles, Growth Forecast – 2025. Analyzes the current market size and the next 5 years growth of […]

Dog vaccine

British Veterinary Association Confirms Dog Vaccine Shortage And What If You Are Affected

The British Veterinary Association has confirmed that there is a nationwide shortage affecting pet owners in the UK. Making sure your dog is up to date with his vaccines is one of the best ways to keep him healthy, but owners have reported having delayed appointments or received letters from vets saying the booster shots […]