Pet boarding

Guide to Verified Pet Care and Boarding Services for Families Affected by COVID

Image: Shutterstock As India grappled with what was only the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, misinformation and build-ups across the city led to the abandonment of hundreds of pets in the streets overnight. Today, as we face the second deadly wave of the pandemic, the situation has only worsened. With several people […]

Dog grooming

Fetch Dog Grooming’s McMillen Finds Inspiration In Original Owner

Fetch Dog Grooming and Boutique has served the people of Merritt and their canine companions for a decade, and now has a new owner at the helm ready to keep your puppies looking their best. Robyn McMillen took over from original owner Valerie McDonald, who opened the grooming salon and retail store in 2011. McMillen […]

Dog grooming

Inside the double-decker bus transformed into a dog grooming salon

A woman transformed a double-decker bus into a double-decker dog grooming service. Based at Waterworld on Chester High Road in Neston, The Dogshack claims to be the world’s only two-story dog ​​grooming salon. The bus took eight weeks to convert from start to finish. The unique layout allows people to watch their dogs being groomed, […]

Dog breeding

Raising the Bar for Compassionate Dog Breeding

By Brian Fitzpatrick and Sara Amundson | Erie Times-News Breeding dogs in high volume, sterile, dirty and dangerous puppy mills is a heartbreak for all who love and care for animals. Fortunately, there is something we can do. The neglect and abuse of tens of thousands of breeding mothers and their puppies at these facilities […]

Dog grooming

Friends quit jobs to start double-decker bus dog grooming business The Dog Shack

Two women from Wirral quit their jobs to start their own businesses – offering dog grooming and spas from converted double-decker buses. Friends Nicola Foster and Francesca Wills started their business The Dog Shack from a converted horse trailer – but “quickly overtook it”, and quickly found a new way to deliver their services. Nicola, […]

Pet boarding

Pet pensions inundated with demands from families affected by Covid | Latest Delhi News

As the nation’s capital grapples with an unprecedented rise in Covid-19 cases amid Wave Four, many individuals and families are turning to boarding houses for their pets. Pet boarding owners across the city have said there has been a significant increase in the number of pet hosting requests. Kuldeep Chauhan, owner of Pet Lovers Hut […]

Pet boarding

Pet pensions for the time of Covid

The Covid-19 has affected all aspects of our way of life. From trips to food, all industries struggle to stay afloat. However, another part of our lifestyles that the coronavirus has affected is our personal relationships with our pets. There are a lot of pet parents who suffer from covid and are unable to care […]