Dog breeding

The National Guide Dog Breeding Center is preparing for a busy Christmas

[ad_1] The National Guide Dog Breeding Center is bracing for one of its busiest Christmas periods on record after Covid-19 forced its breeding program to end for the first time in addition to a half-century. The charity suspended operations for three months from March, when the UK was hit by the first wave of the […]

Dog breeding

BBC changes title of documentary on dog breeding following backlash, online petitions

[ad_1] The BBC has pledged to change the working title of its upcoming documentary on dog breeding, following backlash and an online petition. The program, which was titled “Will My Puppies Make Me Rich?” is set to follow young dog breeders in the north of England “as they set out to build reputable businesses during […]

Dog breeding

BBC defends controversial dog-breeding documentary after petition to shut down show reaches 91,000 signatures

The BBC has stepped in to defend its documentary on dog farming as a petition to stop its broadcast continues to gain momentum. The program – titled Will my puppies make me rich? – will follow young dog breeders as they try to grow their businesses and make them trustworthy. However, since the announcement of […]

Dog breeding

BBC defends dog breeding documentary after petition backlash

The BBC has confirmed its decision to film a documentary about young dog breeders despite backlash from more than 57,000 petitioners. Will My Puppies Make Me Rich? from BBC Three, which is currently in production under a working title, is set to examine the doubling of the price of puppies during the pandemic, with filmmakers […]

Dog grooming

Holyoke Resident Opens City’s Only Dog Grooming Center

HOLYOKE– After months of hard work and years of experience, Holyoke resident Elaina Deschaine opened the doors of her dog grooming business in November. Deschaine told Reminder Publishing that she started her career in dog grooming after graduating from high school. “I graduated from high school and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I […]