Dog breeding

Task force targets criminals linked to dog breeding

Detectives from the Garda Crime Task Force are investigating a new network of criminals they say are linked to the illegal breeding of dogs in the country, a senior police officer said. It has also emerged that dozens of dogs are being imported to Dublin from Eastern Europe, many placed in vans with limited access […]

Dog breeding

‘Ethics’ of dog breeding | Daily Express Online

Breeding DOGS is seen by many as unethical and irresponsible, but like any business, some people have good intentions, others have bad intentions. There are a lot of dogs in shelters and rescues in Sabah and herding dogs mean “buyers” will not adopt dogs from shelters. There are a lot of animals in our local […]

Dog grooming

COVID NYC Update: DIY Dog Grooming During Pandemic Inspires New Book

NEW YORK – Drastic times called for drastic action this spring when dog owners took over grooming during the shutdown. However, the DIY grooming skills of dog owners made it possible to create some pretty fascinating before-and-after photos – which inspired one woman to create a new book. “Scruffy: Our Loyal Pandemic Doggies and the […]

Pet boarding

Pet boarding and daycare services survive despite drop in visitors

While people may be spending more time with their pets at home during the pandemic, there are still child care, pet care and day care facilities available to give their pets the care and attention they need. which they may not have time for. Efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 continue to be implemented […]

Pet boarding

Affordable luxury pet boarding Malaysian hotel

Located along Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur is a 5 story boutique hotel that is a bit different from your average short stay accommodation. Inside the store are capsule rooms for dogs and cats, an indoor park and a rooftop swimming pool. The hotel also offers spa services to pamper the furkids who board it. […]