Dog breeding

The Art of Ethical Dog Breeding

German Shepherds have bad hips, Rottweilers are aggressive, Dachshunds have backs that give up – most breeds are plagued by man-made genetic issues. Ballito dog trainer Scott Farlam is a strong advocate for ethical breeders, as he said they are on a mission to create the best possible version of the breed. “If you’re looking […]

Dog breeding

the evolution of dog breeding

In the first edition of About the origin of species, Charles Darwin mentions dogs 54 times. He does this primarily because the extraordinary variation between dog breeds provides a wonderful illustration of the power of selection. For most of the approximately 15,000 years since their domestication, dogs have been selected by humans for their utility […]

Pet boarding

ARL launches public awareness campaign on pet boarding

Logan at Boston’s Animal Rescue League Cape Cod Shelter BREWSTER — With the holiday season fast approaching, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is releasing “The Kennel-9.” This is a public awareness and safety campaign to help ensure pets are properly cared for while in boarding. Currently, there are no statewide regulations that govern […]