Pet boarding

The Ark Pet Spa and Hotel Launches Franchise As Pet Boarding Grows [video, photos]

Watch the video on Youtube » Photo gallery Animal boarding See 10 photos The Ark Pet Spa and Hotel has seen double-digit sales growth every year since its inception in 2006, according to the Chattanooga-based company. Now, the company with four sites offers franchises in the south-east, its operators having already deployed around 20 “lifters” […]

Dog breeding

Dog farming can create jobs for Nigerians, say entrepreneurs | The Guardian Nigeria News

Like commercial poultry farming, dog farming has been seen by experts as a sustainable business with the potential to create job opportunities for the unemployed. Dog breeding, according to some veterinarians, is becoming increasingly rewarding due to the growing insecurity in the country and the need to secure homes and offices with cost effective and […]