Dog breeding

Alberta man charged by SPCA for dog-breeding kennel application denied

A man accused of failing to properly care for more than 200 animals who later applied for a kennel development permit to operate a dog farm in Alberta has been denied. The Vulcan County Municipal Planning Commission voted unanimously to reject Tyler Marshall’s plan in the House Wednesday morning. READ MORE: Man charged after mass […]

Dog breeding

Vulcan County request to breed dogs denied for man charged by SPCA

A dog breeder who is fighting charges of leaving animals in distress has been denied a license application from Vulcan County to establish a new dog breeding and selling operation in the south community of Alberta. In April, 131 dogs, 62 rabbits, eight cats and three turtles were seized by the Alberta SPCA from the […]

Dog breeding

Be sure to keep these 10 new dog breeding rules in mind!

Dog animal husbandry has become a multi-crore industry, involving thousands of breeders and pet shops. Like any business of this magnitude, safeguards must be in place to ensure transparency. If your four-legged friend is from one of India’s many unlicensed breeders, it’s quite possible that he’s the product of intensive and potentially inhumane breeding practices. […]

Dog breeding

Man Charged After Mass Animal Seizure Asks to Open Alberta Dog Breeder

Editor’s note: This article has been updated with the correction that the Alberta SPCA pays for the care of seized animals. A man who had 131 dogs, 62 rabbits, eight cats and three turtles seized from his Alberta property for allegedly failing to properly care for them has applied to open a dog farm in […]

Dog vaccine

Expansion of the Prairie Dog Vaccine Proposed | Montana News

[ad_1] BRONTE WITTPENN, Gazette Staff Gazette staff The use of an oral vaccine that protects prairie dogs from plague will be extended to Charles M. Russell and UL Bend National Wildlife Sanctuaries in Montana as part of a plan proposed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The new plan would allow the distribution of […]