Dog vaccine

Research for valley fever vaccine could help humans, too | New

[ad_1] Randy Ford had never heard of valley fever when he moved to Tucson from Salinas with his dog, a reddish brown vizsla named Tyler. “A few days before Tyler’s death, he was doing hell – chasing toys in the pool. Then all of a sudden he stopped eating, and he was standing in front […]

Dog breeding

Dog breeding unit survives closure as Supreme Court suspends High Court order | Chennai News

CHENNAI: The country’s only public facility to breed native dog varieties – the Dog Breeding Unit (DBU) – has survived an impending closure as the Supreme Court stayed a December 14, 2016 order of the senior Madras court ordering him to close up shop in two months. The First Bench of Judge JS Kehar and […]

Dog breeding

2 dog breeding kennels approved, 2 refused by Strasbourg zoning officials | Local News

The number of legal breeding kennels rose from four to six in Strasbourg township on Tuesday, after the township’s zoning hearing board approved two applications to allow two farmers to breed dogs on their farms. Two additional applications for kennels in the township were flatly denied. “There are a lot of kennels that are already […]

Dog breeding

New dog breeding rules to crack down on ‘underground breeders’ | UK News

Strict new dog keeping rules are being introduced across the country to keep British pets safe. Legislation announced today will tighten rules around the breeding and sale of dogs and make it illegal to sell puppies under eight weeks old. Anyone breeding and selling three or more litters of puppies per year will need to […]