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15 Fantastic Hidden Gem Indie Games You’ll Add to Your Wishlist

Ice hockey, center ice, in Tape To Tape.

Screenshot: great rectangle

As if the fifteen previous indie games wasn’t enough for you, here is another collection of interesting in-development indie projects that you should most likely put on your wishlist. Scroll to find out at least Something it will get your attention (wallet).

Every time I go out the Indiebeat signal, I always get about ten times more emails than I ever had time to cover. Which means I feel guilty. My method is to randomly click through hundreds of emails, which seems as fair as any other method. But I still feel guilty. At least this batch got lucky, I guess, but the point remains: there are too many games. Stop that. Stop playing all these games. Think of my guilt.

Wait, no, don’t stop making the games below, because they’ve now caught my interest. These are allowed to be done. And all the other ones that are going to be awesome – those can be done too. Just bad games, okay? Stop making bad games. Glad we cleared that up. I’m tired. Continue reading.

Developer: Clockwork Pile

Release: 2022


OMG, it’s a cross between Zomboid Project and XCOM. Shardpunk: Verminfall is a survival squad-based strategy game, which seems to be a combination of wandering RPG, turn-based tactical combat, and survival resource management. What frightens me and attracts me at the same time. Definitely watch the trailer above, because the more I watched, the more I wanted to play.

Developer: SmoothBrainDev

Released: Fall 2022


Yes Yes Yes. As many 90s style shooters as you can please in the indie games industry. Since DUSKI can’t eat enough. Incision looks exactly like what I’m looking for, with its grotesque gibs, creepy Build-like graphics, and hefty earthquake vibes.

What’s so great about this genre says about Boomer Shooter is that they are the way we remember FPS games from the 90s, rather than how they actually are were. Nostalgia smooths out all the rough edges, and games like these are designed to match. This one will be released in three episodes, each consisting of seven cards, hopefully starting this fall. I can not wait.

Developer: 502 Studios

Release: 2022


It’s such a nice concept! First-time developers 502 Studios are creating a collection of arcade games, played in an in-game arcade, with the intention of players flying past each other, trying to achieve high scores. Except that instead of just anyone who stumbles upon your local arcade, these leaderboards can recognize anyone who plays around the rest of the world.

The games aren’t all old-school arcade games either, which is certainly crowded land. Instead, they seem like quite different ideas, little action rogue-lites, complicated Bobble Puzzlestyle puzzles, shoot’em ups on a single screen… My only concern is the name, since “502” won’t catch anyone’s attention. The arcade of the world perhaps? I do not know. They don’t pay me a consultation fee.

Interesting tidbit: 502 say that when this appears on Switch, it will be the very first Guatemalan game on any Nintendo platform!

Developer: Selva Interactive

Release: 2022


WHERE DOES IT GO? (see above) Because Illuminaria is also a Guatemalan game! It’s not yet known if it will come to Switch (I asked), but I really hope it does, so it can become an official run. My personal idiocy aside, this sounds like a really fun time, a game where you control a swarm of robots with the intention of collecting resources and building a base, as well as tower defense combat. Take a look at the trailer, because it looks like there’s a whole lot to it.

Developer: Noisy Head Games

Release: 2022

Wish list

Well, this game better sound good…Beyond the long night is made by a team of three former Frontier audio developers. It’s a twin-stick roguelite, where you float around a nice pixelated world on a bunch of balloons, with what look like some really interesting boingy attacks. It’s successfully self-started and aims to be “uplifting” and “charming”, which sounds just the tonic.

Developer: Triheart Studio

Released: Now (Early Access)

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There is a law that says all genres of games must be crossed with deck building, before the Great Curse can be lifted from the earth, and Metroid Prime 4 can be released. golfer fights the good fight here, combining deck building with…golf. Yes, golf. A “race-based roguelike minigolf deck builder” says its Steam blurb in case you think I’m lying.

It came out in early access a few days ago and looks so completely crazy that I can’t help but check it out.

Developer: Cyberpooch Studios

Exit: to be determined

Wish list

A love letter to Independent is probably something a lot of people would want to read. This is the ground for Solara: Stellar Horizonwhich intends to offer players options to “trade, mine, hunt bounties, or smuggle illegal goods”.

“I feel like Independent“More than any other space sim, space felt ‘alive’ with the way they handled intra- and inter-system travel, and I want that feeling back.

Developer: ub4q

Released: 2023

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A visual novel, with all the sexy moments you might expect, but with an atypical art style and a focus on what’s wrong. Or, “shipwrecks, dating and betrayal,” as the description says. Eight years in the making is the work of solo developer Ruqiyah, under the name ub4q, with plans to release next year.

According to Ruqiyah, you’ll have “the ability to befriend, bonk, betray, or be a wingman to four party members” as you go on a journey to “take down a bully.” I really like this darker tone.

Developer: Kodo Linija

Released: September 15, 2022

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I’ll argue it’s a good sign when I see a first screenshot of Stardeus and find myself saying “Oh wow,” out loud. A “wow” encompassing both, “That looks extremely awesome” and also, “My brain will never cope with that.” Luckily, you’re not an idiot like me, then you’ll probably love the idea of ​​such a complex shipbuilding and resource management space game where you explore a procedurally generated universe.

Take a look at the trailer above to get an idea of ​​the scale. Lithuanian indie team Kodo Linija is aiming for this to come to Early Access in September.

Developer: 9FingerGames

Exit: to be determined


Well, it looks and sounds beautifully revolting. A metroidvania-me-do where you play as a hivemind alien monstrosity that slays enemies, absorbs their consciousness and memories, and then wears their skulls. While siphoning and sliding on its levels. You’re trying to find a cure for a virus, so it’s normal for you to be like that. Its good.

I love the animation details in the trailer, the way your alien’s tentacles hold onto the wall or how it transforms into different shapes as it jumps and slides. It really reminds me of two favorites, Carrion and misplaced MO.

Developer: Vertical Scope

Exit: to be determined

Wish list

Ooh, give me PS1 horror vibes. Alex Young is trapped in a strange old mansion, and wouldn’t you know it’s full of traps, puzzles, and all kinds of ways to die.

It’s a mastermind rather than a fight, but with what feels like a constant sense of danger lurking, and a bunch of other captives to try to rescue as you go. It’s really cool to see a PS1 horror game developed as a full game, and I’m really interested in following the progress of this one.

Developer: Excellent Rectangle

Released: December 30, 2022


Like everyone else, there hasn’t been a good hockey video game since. NHL97. Don’t @ me, puckfaces. Maybe Tape to tape can shatter this Truth, combining the noble sport of punching on ice with… roguelite elements. Seriously, watch the trailer above, because I also need you to have the “I’m sorry, what is this?” right moment at the end.

It’s in the middle of a Kickstarterbut always exceeded its target (it’s like a hockey term, isn’t it?), with more than a week to go.

As it happens, it doesn’t matter how good this game is because it’s already a winner in my heart thanks to the name of the developer. Look up, look at him.

Developer: Psychic Software

Exit: to be determined

Wish list

I’ve typed “RPG” a lot today, but not yet in terms of what immediately comes to mind when I read the term. For me, these three letters mean Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment, this kind of business. And The story of the necromancer evokes these same vibrations.

There are spells and characters with circles stuck to their feet and skellingtons to hit with swords. You know, a correct RPG. It also features 150 NPCs to chat with, a quest-filled storyline, and the turn-based combat your grandma used to have.

Developer: DirectDoggo

out now

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There’s not much science behind what I include in these lists, but starting an email with the words “A game about phone dating and egg laying” does the trick. Not a phone dating simulation, a call dating sim.

Dialtown came out in February, and I can’t understand a universe in which I haven’t already heard of it. As its own store page puts it, this is a game where “most people have phones for their heads.” Oh, and dogs have gramophones for heads, while cats have replaced theirs with keyboards. It’s, naturally, a visual novel, and you’re looking for that sweet phone to settle down with, because of your desire to find “a damp pit to lay your eggs in”.

Developer: Dapper Dog Digital

Release: 2022


And of course, we end with a game of playing a vaccine based on injecting pig DNA into a dog’s body.

Bio-Pistol is a metroidvania-pops, set in your dog’s super-cartoony innards host, with twin-stick shooting action and good old-school frame-by-frame 2D animation. All in the name of saving the canine species.