Mortgage lending test 2017: cost differences of around 30,000 euros

Test has searched in its current construction financing test 2017 for providers with top conditions for home builders and buyers. The result: In the test winners, they can save tens of thousands of euros depending on the loan amount. But borrowers should not rely on the investigation alone. Also in 2017, only an individual comparison shows the best mortgage lending.

Test has reviewed a total of 76 banks, insurers and credit intermediaries with regard to their conditions in the past twelve months for various model cases for the current Building Finance Test 2017 (Financial Test 1/2017). The experts’ thoughts: If a bank was one of the lowest-priced providers in 2016, then the excellent conditions in 2017 are unlikely to change . A striking feature of the study is that the regional mortgage lenders can barely keep up with the supraregional ones. Only with a fixed interest rate of 20 years will Freie Financier München land as a regional provider behind Hypovereinsbank in the front seats.

Mortgage lending test 2017: High cost differences between the offers

In order not to achieve a one-sided result, Test not only calculated a model case in the Baufinanzierung 2017 test, but also used three loan sums (150,000 euros, 200,000 euros and 225,000 euros) and three different fixed interest periods (10, 15 and 20 years). The test results impressively illustrate why future homeowners should not waive a comparison in real estate financing. Between the best and most expensive offers, it can come to interest rate differences of 100 percent – or around 30,000 euros – especially with a long interest rate. Those who need an even larger amount of credit for their dream home, as considered in the test, pay by choosing the wrong mortgage lender even more at superfluous interest rates.

The Test experts used the interest rates of the banks over the past twelve months for their mortgage lending test. The providers with the most top rankings in this period reach the highest rating.

Best mortgage lending in 2017 compared to ten years fixed interest rate:

  • Enderlein
  • Planethyp
  • HypoVereinsbank
  • Santander Direct Bank
  • Targobank

Mortgage lending in 2017: interest rates could rise again in the medium term

Buying a house is not an acquisition that you can prefer or postpone. However, currently speaks for a lot, not to wait too long with your own property , if the possibility exists. On the one hand, real estate prices continue to rise in many places, whereas in some regions they are now stagnating. Increases in value of the house are no longer a guarantee. On the other hand, there is the possibility that interest rates could rise again soon . This will make house financing again more expensive. Therefore, it makes sense to start buying a house or apartment now.

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